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My favourite quotes from my Aupair-kids Judy (6) and Rick (8) in 2008/09
(Starring: Mina as the mother, Joey as the father and Sparky as the dog – all names changed)

Mina: „The Bank in America collapsed…“
Rick (worried): „Oh, did anybody got hurt?“

Talking to his cousin Bob, Rick tried to brag with her babysitter
Rick: „You know Corinna’s from Germany?“
Bob (unimpressed): „Is she.“
Rick: „Yeah, she’s Michael Ballack’s girlfriend!“

While watching soccer on TV
Judy (dramatically): „Oh Ronaldo, I broke up with him!“

Judy rans into the house to her mother because her friend fell on the ground.
Mina: „Oh my God, is she alive?“
Judy (very serious): „No, she is crying!“

Joey is annoyed that kids keep running in and out during the football match.
Judy (teaching): „They are just children, dad.“

Rick (about my soccer skills): „You’re good, but you’re bad at shooting.“

Suddenly while doing his Gaelic homework into his copybook:
Rick: „Huh, where’s my Gaelic book?“
Me: „You’re writing in it…“
Rick: „Oh, yeah.“

Joey: „You’ll have a shower now, before the match.“
Rick: „Oh yeah, good point… Can Sparky come?“

Me: „And don’t forget to brush your teeth… and your mouth!“
Rick (laughs): “Why should I brush my mouth?“
Me (not giving up): „Well, could be good for your lips…“
Rick: „But I’m not kissing a girl!“

Me (mobile alarm rings): „I have to go downstairs, the cake is calling me“
Judy (interested): „How come the cake has its own phone?“

Rick is holding a bottle of coke close to Sparky.
Me: „No, don’t…“
Rick: „Will the dog get hyper?“

Rick: “I scored a girl…” [goal]

I tell Rick I showed some of the quotes to a girl I know.
Rick: “What age is she?”
Me: “21 or 22 I don’t know…”
Rick: “Is she single?”

I am singing while Rick is watching soccer.
Me: “I saw her face, it was a face I loved”…
Rick: “Ronaldo?!”

Corinna Günther

Ich bin eine sprachbegeisterte Hobby-Fotografin mit Liebe zum Detail. Seit der Lektüre von Pascal Merciers "Nachtzug nach Lissabon" verliebt in die Philosophie, möchte ich das Leben im Alltag mit mehr Achtsamkeit beobachten, genießen und verknüpfen.

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